Upgrades at Ransomes

It’s been a busy few months here at Ransomes. In September we decided to enlarge the pond to make it even more of a feature. We also dug a drain to take all of the roof water from the annexe to help keep the pond level topped up. We’re thinking of removing most of the Koi, which while pretty, are eating all the weed! And weed will be needed if the ducks that are investigating the newly created island decide to nest. Pond

We redecorated the exterior of the house to keep it looking fresh and loved! We’ve also clad the garage in barn boards to match the annexe. We think you’ll agree it looks fabulous now, and blends in much better with the rest of the buildings.

Garage House

While we had a digger here for the pond extension we also removed the bank in the side garden, levelled the ground a bit and Nicky has planted an orchard with Pears, apples and Cherry trees.

We’re getting very booked up already and look forward to welcoming guests old and new in 2016.